Central Virginia Based Machinery, Equipment, and Personal Property Valuations

Personal Property, Machinery and Equipment Valuation: Power and Energy  Personal Property, Machinery and Equipment Valuation: Construction Equipment

RK Valuation Advisory is based in Richmond, Virginia and specializes in machinery and equipment appraisals (tangible fixed assets / personal property / FF&E). While our work has led to a variety of international valuations, we are proud to continue servicing the region at large and entire United States. Virginia offers a wide range of economic opportunity from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Northern Virginia DC beltway to the Norfolk Tidewater area.

We have performed valuations across these regions and beyond for personal property ad valorem taxation, accounting, disputes and litigation, financing, and other purposes. Our expertise is in valuing fixed assets and ranges the entire spectrum of the economy, not limited to:

information technology, telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, mining, chemicals and gas – including refineries, network and internet services, print and online media, industrial products, consumer products, agricultural, food and food processing, packaging, hospitality, construction, engineering, steel and metal products, energy and utilities, defense, aviation, boating, and automotive

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